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Are seniors thriving?

82%: the percentage of seniors who are fully satisfied with the life they lead1.

1. How old do you have to be to define yourself as a “senior”?

Seniors define themselves as such from the age of 641. In comparison, in 2017, individuals defined themselves as “seniors” from the age of 67.

In general, people over the age of 55 feel like seniors once they retire. As long as they are still working, only 24% fit into this category of the population.

We are feeling like seniors from an increasingly young age


2. The importance of loved ones

If seniors feel satisfied with the lives they lead, this is largely due to the people around them (family or friends). 93% of seniors are fulfilled by the bonds that unite them with their loved ones.

3. What about sporting activities for people 55 and over?

Who says seniors are unfit for sporting activities? Half of the French population aged over 55 physically exercise on a regular basis. Sport allows seniors to stay in shape for longer and enhances their personal fulfilment.

Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, sport allows elderly people to increase their life expectancy, reduce their risk of falling and obesity, reduce stress and prevent heart disease and even helps to lower cholesterol. Specialists advise seniors to practice age-appropriate activities such as walking, yoga, water aerobics, archery, cycling and golf.

Last but not least, sport offers seniors social contact which helps them to reduce their risk of depression.




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